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I’m an ordinary girl who loves to look at extraordinary things. I’m inspired by photography, art, nature, and the beauty of simplicity. I love things that are handmade, and meals that are home cooked. I admire the old but appreciate the ingenious of the new. I enjoy cold rainy days from time to time, but only when I’m warm and dry inside. A few other things that make me happy if not give me a little bit of joy…preparing a meal for family and friends, a cool night after a long hot summer day, an uncluttered home, music that’s fitting to my mood, humor in writing, hearing a child laugh, watching a baby eat, seasonal fruit, blue hydrangeas, toasted almond ice cream, homemade pasta, a kind gesture, an unexpected letter from a friend, a package in the mail, second hand store finds, a comfortable pair of boots, and a perfectly fitted pair of jeans.